Heart, Mind and Soul Parenting is here for You… a Better Way To Communicate and Connect with Children, Teens, Adults, AND your Self…


What you can learn here will change all aspects of your life, at home, work and play, bringing more compassion, gratitude, empathy and love into your relationships and your life.

My purpose is to show parents, men, women and children a better way to peaceful, harmonious relationships, leading to happier, more fulfilling lives. How to get past the “not good enough” mode to be able to choose empowerment and happiness in any moment.

All we have learned growing up is to power struggle and blame. These have taught us anger,fear,sadness and shame.  By learning new ways to communicate, together we can create a world with lasting peace and happiness.

Let’s get down to the point, no one was given a book on how to parent children, let alone how to parent their own inner child. For this reason the opportunity exists to learn a different way and choose to live the life of your dreams….let me show you how.

To contact Tawnya Perry Click here




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