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Parents who have taken the Heart, Mind and Soul Parenting workshop, to redirect behavior, it is suggested that you enroll your children in the Kidz Kourse  workshop (ages 7 to 12) and/or the Teenz Kourse workshop (ages 13-17+).
Questions? click here.

Other Recommendations:

Lifetime Learning Connections, Inc. is a non-profit organization created to give children the opportunity to experience the valuable life skills of empathy compassion and connection to self and others through loving communication and in a community of like-minded people who understand that in order for the world to become better the work starts within ourselves first.

The Evolve Course for adults is an immersion weekend of self-discovery. It’s the next step in personal growth and development. The official Evolve Course is for people who are ready to give themselves the gift that will help them heal their body, mind, and spirit.

To enroll or get more information call:

754-204-8225 or click here

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