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Here are some of the things clients have to say about Tawnya’s Parenting course and coaching :

“These courses Tawnya Perry coaches/instructs are healing lives!  Heart Mind and Soul Parenting course opened my eyes to how I can identify the most effective way to handle the little ones, and assisting at Kidz Kourse I found that they are easily changing lives for the better right now and I can’t wait to see how self-loving and self-knowing the kids are as they grow! Bottom line: I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything in the world!” ~ Gabriel S.

“As a newly single parent, I was looking for something to help me improve my parenting skills. Since I was already a part of The Living Course and the Kidz Kourse, I knew the HM&S Parenting Course would be amazing – and it was. As parents, it’s so easy to get frustrated with our children. I’ve learned that the smallest things to us are the biggest things to them. They will remember them, and it will affect how they view themselves. Not only did I learn many new approaches to my parenting struggles, I learned a better way to communicate with my children to show them love and help them get their needs met. The HM&S was a small investment in the future of two people that I love more than anything, to help me be a better, more understanding, more grounded parent.”

“Tawnya also taught this course. She is so patient, kind and loving. We all seem to have things we don’t love about ourselves as parents, but isn’t criticizing or shaming. She teaches a better way to get what you need and what your children need. I would highly recommend this course to all parents, no matter how great you think you are as a parent. There is always something to learn!” ~Patti Maibauer

“I loved the Heart, Mind and Soul Parenting workshop (redirecting children’s behavior parenting workshop)! It opened my awareness to subconscious beliefs that come up when I interact with people. I hadn’t expected to learn anything new about myself that I didn’t already know from previous personal development work I’ve been doing, but I did! I discovered a better way to communicate and direct myself to get results without power struggles.”
~Lynne O.

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